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French Doors

The Door Factory supplies a wide range of french doors, a selection is presented below:

  • French Door - FD1

    French Door - FD1 French Door

    Available in any size.

  • French Door - FD2

    French Door - FD2 French Door

    Available in any size.


French doors create an attractive entrance to the rear of the house, looking good and adding to the security of the house as well. They work perfectly with a decking area, straight into the garden or onto a pathway around the property. They let plenty of light into the room beyond while maintaining the levels of security needed for your home.

Wood is a popular look for French doors, bringing a natural finish to the house. Good quality wood doors can last a long time and are resistant to the weather. They can warp due to moisture if they aren’t protected property but doors bought through the Door Factory are always coated in the proper preservatives to ensure their longevity.

uPVC remains top of the list of materials used for French doors for the same reasons they are a popular choice for other external doors. These doors are tough, often reinforced with steel and have double glazed windows in them. This means the doors offer a top level of security, often with multi-point locking systems. They are also easy to care for, don’t need to be painted and retain their looks regardless the weather.

French door come in a variety of opening systems including sliding doors. This means regardless of the space available, there can be the perfect French doors to fit the space and look fantastic.



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